Unique gaming experience in Brookfield

A unique gaming experience is taking over the Brookfield Sheraton Hotel this weekend. The experience hopes to even the playing field for everyone to have a chance to win. 

It sounds like a normal pinball machine with one small difference…

"This one has a piece of shower glass in it so you can kind of see what’s going on beneath it but it’s really pretty hard to," said Daniel Loosen, co-founder of the Midwest Gaming Classic and Game Nights. 

Daniel Loosen

Daniel Loosen

Daniel Loosen is the co-founder of the Midwest Gaming Classic and this new unique game night experience. 

"It’s something where everyone feels like they have a chance," said Loosen. 

Besides pinball, other tournaments include Giant Speed Connect Four and Ski Ball with boxing gloves. The capacity limit of 150 people also evens the playing field. 

"Everybody ends up having a blast because you feel like you have a chance at everything. You don’t have the feeling that you have to be like, I have to be really good at this," said Loosen. 

The game nights are taking over the ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield. 

"Of the people that are coming, we have a number that are flying in from around the country. The first people to buy tickets were from California and Missouri," said Loosen.

Sixty percent of people buying tickets are women. 

"The fact that we have that number, you know females can absolutely game too but the fact that we have that number buying the tickets first makes us go ‘oh something must be working right,’" said Loosen.

If this first tournament goes well, Loosen hopes it becomes a trend. 

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"Changing games like this gives you both a unique experience and something that no matter who you are, can come in and feel like, ‘hey I have a chance to win this game or win this game’. All you need on a pinball machine like this is and a few lucky bounces and you’re the winner," said Loosen. 

The Game Nights event runs this Friday and Saturday -- tournaments start at 8 p.m. Friday. Tickets are still available

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