Watch this teen roll up to prom in a tank

A 16-year-old boy in England made a grand entrance at his high school prom when he rolled up in a tank.

His mother told local media that her son, Zack, has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, and has a special interest in the military. He told his mom he’d be more comfortable going to prom in a tank than a car.

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So Victoria Holloway got to work and eventually found a generous person to provide tank travel for Zack at a "really fair price," but she didn’t tell her son.

Zack was waiting outside for what he thought would be a Range Rover picking him up. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw coming around the corner.

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Victoria recorded her son taking off in the tank, and a line of people were waiting when he showed up to prom.  

"The novelty of having a tank really made his night and topped the whole experience off," Victoria told local media.