Shots and prayers: Milwaukee church vaccinates 20+

A Milwaukee church brought the COVID-19 vaccine to the people, hosting a clinic with a concert Sunday, May 30 in partnership with UnitedHealthcare and Hayat Pharmacy

People were able to get the coronavirus vaccine while listening to gospel music at Mason Temple Church of God in Christ. The sanctuary was filled with praise as people were moved by the music. Just down the hall, there was praise of a different kind.

"Feel pretty good!" said Shirley Gaillard, who received the vaccine. "Feel pretty good."

More than a dozen people lined up to get their COVID-19 vaccine at the mobile clinic.

"I think people feel comfortable with their environment," said Pastor Sean Tatum with Mason Temple Church.

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Pastor Tatum opened the doors of the church to make sure people get vaccinated.

"The African American community has been inundated with a lot of false information," said Tatum.

A panel of experts educated the crowd and helped dispel rumors.

"Now, as people have a few more questions, it’s about removing barriers," said Kevin Moore, UnitedHealthcare.

Recipients were given a choice of all three vaccines. Hashim Zaibak helped administer them.

"It’s convenient," said Zaibak with Hayat Pharmacy. "It’s going to people where they are, and it removes the obstacles."

His pharmacy has participated in several mobile clinics just like this, vaccinating close to 40,000 people so far.

"Whether we vaccinate five people or 500, I’m really happy because we’re helping people stay healthier," said Zaibak.

In this familiar place, people were able to roll up their sleeves and get the shot to help keep everyone healthy.

"I decided it’s the best thing to do," said Shirley Garland.

About 25 people were vaccinated at the clinic. Those getting the Pfizer and Moderna shots will still need to get their second doses.