RNC not welcome in Milwaukee, 5 groups say

A big decision is expected Wednesday, May 25 in Milwaukee's bid to host the 2024 Republican National Convention. 

A Common Council committee is voting on a potential contract, but not everyone is on board. Five groups say the convention is not welcome.

Several Milwaukee-based labor and minority groups sent a letter to leaders here at City Hal asking the city to say no to the RNC because of the current state of the Republican Party.

For months, Milwaukee leaders have been working to reel in the 2024 RNC.

"I want the RNC to be the bedrock for a new and stronger convention and tourism economy that we can build in the city of Milwaukee," said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. 

The RNC is expected to draw up to 50,000 people to the city, bringing with them an estimated $200 million – $200 million that some groups think the city should turn down.

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Voces de le Frontera and four other groups representing minorities and unions co-signed a letter to city leaders urging them to not host the RNC.

The letter says, in part, the Republican Party supports white supremacy.

"This is an extremist party, and we can’t shut our eyes to that," said Neumann-Ortiz. "We can’t normalize that."

Mayor Johnson says the RNC is an opportunity the city shouldn't miss.

"It’s a business decision and not a political one," said Johnson.

FOX6 News reached out to the RNC for comment on the accusations in the letter but have not heard back.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Common Council Steering and Rules Committee will vote on a draft contract with the RNC. The contract includes details about how the city will provide security for the c. 

2024 Republican National Convention (RNC) Milwaukee

Full letter

We the undersigned community organizations want to send a clear message to city, county and state leaders: the Republican National Convention is not welcome in Milwaukee. 

The Republican Party, both nationally and in Wisconsin, has become an organization that supports White Supremacists, the violent attempted coup at the US Capitol to overthrow a democratic election, and continues to engineer new ways to undermine fair and democratic elections.  

The recent hate crime in Buffalo, is one of many escalated acts of violent hate inspired by their  "great replacement" rhetoric, fear mongering, and harmful policies, and  is yet another reminder of why we must not normalize the far right that has captured the Republican Party. 

We take seriously the challenge to view issues through the twin lenses of "equity and race"; welcoming the current version of the Republican Party to Milwaukee does not meet that challenge. It undermines it.  

 We work collaboratively on issues relative to the rights of workers on the job and the right to democratically organize at workplaces in the Milwaukee area, and we note that the RNC and many elected members of the party have serious shortcomings in their attitudes towards workers rights and unions. 

We call on all Milwaukeeans to send a strong message to Mayor Johnson and our Common Council representatives to oppose hosting the RNC in Milwaukee.  

Voces de la Frontera Action

Power to the Polls

Milwaukee Area Labor Council

Never Again is Now