Riverwest's Ambition Center offers coworking space, career coaching

Diversity, inclusion and collaboration: That's the goal of a new coworking space in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. 

FOX6 News got an inside look at the brand new space.

Ambition Center

The creator of the Ambition Center says a coworking space - near the city's north side -  has been a dream of his for years. 

That dream is now a reality.

At Holton and Vienna, in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood: 

"I believe in this place because it has helped me tremendously," said Mark Peterson.

An old building has a new purpose.

Marcell Jackson

"My vision is for this to be the launchpad for people who want to advance their career or grow their businesses," said Marcell Jackson.

Jackson is the creator of the Ambition Center, a coworking space for professionals, entrepreneurs and people working remotely. 

From small businesses to startups.

"The goal is to become one of the most diverse and inclusive co-working spaces in the city," said Marcell Jackson

The building features five private offices, a general working space and an area for photographers and videographers. 

Mark Peterson is a former teacher turned graphic designer.

Mark Peterson

With a family at home, the business owner says the Ambition Center provides him with the space he needs.

"It gives me an opportunity to feel like a businessman. Getting up, leaving the house, getting to work again," said Peterson.

The Ambition Center has a tiered membership model. 

Jackson believes the center will create collaboration and community. 

"Just want to make sure this is a space where all ambitious people can come, gather get things done," he said.

The Ambition Center also provides career coaching. 

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