Random Lake Elementary NASA assembly 'out of this world'

A Sheboygan County school district was able to take their students’ learning journey to new heights with the help of a couple of NASA astronauts. The assembly Thursday -- was out of this world.

"We are ready for the event and have you loud and clear."

Reporting live from the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Kayla Barron and Thomas Marshburn—answering questions from kids in Random Lake.

NASA assembly at Random Lake Elementary

"Hi my name is Mason. My question is, what was it like watching the earth’s day cycle from the space station for the first time?

"It was absolutely incredible," an astronaut said.

The entire random lake student body got to take a break from classes and hear all of their submitted questions answered.

And this entire idea and opportunity came from one special science teacher.

Cindy Barber, science teacher

"This is my first year teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade science so I wanted to start out with a bang and get the kids really interested in science," said Cindy Barber, Random Lake Elementary science teacher.

And that she did—allowing students from a small town to get an exclusive lesson about what’s beyond our atmosphere.

Olivia Harry, 3rd grader

"Ever since I was little I loved space and it was very interesting to learn about space," said Olivia Harry, 3rd Grader.

"I never really knew that it was possible. Like going to the bathroom, washing your hair, and exercising in space," said Olivia Stefanich, 8th Grader.

Olivia Stefanich, 8th grader

After seven months of planning and communicating with NASA, the event was a success.

Barber hopes her students are inspired, whether they are the next ones on the moon or not.

"Think Big. Random Lake is a very small town, it’s a great little town. But there's a whole big world out there. Don’t be afraid to go explore the world, and beyond," she said.

Mrs. Barber says this event was a lot of work, but she would do it all over again—especially once the NASA astronauts will be able to answer questions from the moon.

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