Racine Zoo is looking forward to their 2021 concert series

Did you know that the oldest known gibbon in North America lives in Wisconsin? And he just celebrated a big birthday. Brian is at the Racine Zoo learning more about their primate named Yule who just turned 55 years old!

About Racine Zoo (website)

The Racine Zoo, a nonprofit located in Racine, Wisconsin, was established in March 1923 by Jacob Stoffel, Jr. That winter, the Racine Zoological Society was formed to work with the park board and to increase interest in the Zoo.

The Zoo’s first animals were donated by Stoffel himself.  After that, many organizations throughout Racine donated animals such as badgers, foxes, and mountain goats to add to the collection.  In 1925, monkeys were added, the first species native to areas outside the United States. 

Currently, the Racine Zoo cares for approximately 75 different species of animals from Wisconsin and around the world.

  • The Racine Zoo is one of only 225 zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
  • Each year, more than 125,000 guests visit the Racine Zoo’s 28-acre park on the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • The Racine Zoo maintains a staff of 25 full-time employees including animal care specialists, administration, and facility managers.