Prominent figures hope to erase vaccine distrust in Black community

Prominent figures in the Black community are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine this week -- and local leaders are hopeful these actions could help reconcile vaccine distrust.

As more Americans get their COVID-19 vaccination, some Black community members remain skeptical.

"Can we make sure we are giving the community the information and the insight they need so they can see that the science is to be trusted -- that it really did take into account the millions of folks who have black skin," said State Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee).

Rev. Jesse Jackson gets COVID-19 vaccine

Rev. Jesse Jackson got the COVID-19 vaccine in Chicago on Friday, Jan. 8. Major League Baseball legend Hank Aaron received his earlier this week.

"I don’t have any qualms about it at all I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this," Aaron said.

Hank Aaron gets the COVID-19 vaccine

As prominent figures in the Black community get vaccinated, Wisconsin leaders hope the combination of trusting voices and having correct information on how the vaccine works will settle some of the mistrust.

"I hope that it encourages individuals out there who might be skeptical of taking the vaccine to know that it is safe and something all of us have to do," said Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson.

Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson

Local leaders hope it reminds people the coronavirus is serious -- and that they will do what is necessary to stop the spread.

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"There are certain cases where celebrities can bring goodwill and this is one of those cases right now," Johnson said.

Health experts say in order to return to life as it was prior to the pandemic, roughly 70% of the population will need to get vaccinated.

Panel votes to add 1M Wisconsinites to next COVID-19 vaccine phase

A state vaccine advisory panel approved a plan for the next phase of vaccine distribution that includes more than one million Wisconsinites.