Potawatomi Hotel and Casino launches new security system

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino has launched a new security screening system. FOX6 got a look at the new technology designed to keep you safe. 

"Within the last few weeks we’ve seen an uptick in the number of guests coming to the property," said Potawatomi CEO and General Manager Rodney Ferguson.

As people return to Potawatomi Hotel and Casino there is a new security system in full effect.

Evolv Technology at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino 

"This is just a seamless process, you walk through like you’re walking through without anything being there," said Ferguson.

Ferguson is talking about this screening technology named Evolv Express. It’s similar to walking through a metal detector but built to detect weapons without needing guests to walk through individually.

"It automatically detects whether you have any type of suspicious items on your body," Ferguson said.

Security guards are only alerted to possible weapons passing through. 

"We use very advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to find threats, so when you walk into a venue no one is walking in with a threat," said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology.

The system can also detect elevated body temperature, a feature installed when the pandemic hit.

"The temperature check piece of it right now is not being used. We felt it was more efficient right now, based on how the operation is set up, to use the contactless to check your temperature and ask health screening questions," Ferguson said.

Potawatomi is now one of the first casinos in the country to utilize this technology. 

"We’re pleased with the results so far," Ferguson said. "Can’t get into any specifics about any activity but the guests seem to be very receptive of it."

The screening system will be in place at each guest entrance.

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