Police: Woman, child hurt following fight outside Skateland in Waukesha

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Waukesha police say a woman and child sustained injuries following a fight outside Skateland Sunday night, August 31st.

A witness tells FOX6 News it was chaotic -- people in a frenzy, more than a dozen squad cars, and police looking to get to the bottom of what happened.

Multiple 911 calls came in to the Waukesha Police Department's Dispatch Center around 11:00 p.m. Sunday -- regarding a large fight in the Skateland parking lot.

"I got a lot of texts and photos from people saying `hey, there`s a lot of police showing up at Skateland in Waukesha` and initially I thought maybe a fight went down or something," freelance photographer Abe Van Dyke said.

Officers responding to the scene soon learned a woman had been struck by a vehicle. The driver was gone by the time police arrived.

Van Dyke went to Skateland, and noticed police had blocked off the parking lot. He watched -- snapping photos from across the street.

"When I showed up on scene, I saw 14 police cars, one fire truck, and an ambulance. The ambulance was being loaded up and about ready to take off to the hospital," Van Dyke said.

Police say their investigation has revealed a group went to Skateland for an all-night skate event, but they were denied entry because the skating rink was at capacity.

About a hour later, police say the group returned to Skateland, and drove through the parking lot at a high rate of speed -- almost striking a woman's vehicle. At that time, there was a confrontation and a fight ensued.

Following the fight, the group fled the parking lot in a vehicle, at a high rate of speed. A woman was struck by the vehicle -- suffering life-threatening injuries.

Police say a child was hurt in the brawl, but that child's injuries aren't life-threatening.

Police say they have been able to develop a suspect, and the striking vehicle has been located.

Van Dyke says he's heard of problems at Skateland in the past, but nothing as bad as what happened on Sunday.

"I`ve been doing this about seven years and I know there`s been little fights that break out but nothing on this scale, especially on a Sunday night," Van Dyke said.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.