Police dogs help Greenfield officers relieve stress amid pandemic

Two furry faces are helping the Greenfield Police Department relieve some stress caused by the challenges in 2020. 

The simple sight of a dog can turn a day around. Goldendoodles Ana and Gizmo are the new therapy dogs for the Greenfield Police Department. 

"The department as a whole, everyone just loves these dogs. It's just really helped with camaraderie and stuff like that," said Shannon Riddle, Patrol Officer, Greenfield Police Department. 

And helps the students at Whitnall School District who get to see Gizmo. 

Greenfield Police Department therapy dog

"Honestly, it is the best addition so far to our school. He puts a smile on everyone's faces. As soon as he walks into a classroom, you see everyone brighten up," said Kayla Gold, senior at Whitnall High School.

Patrol Officer Shannon Riddle hopes the dogs help people connect and open up. 

Greenfield Police Department therapy dog

"Some people connect with people, some people don't. If a dog can help, I think that's a resource that can be provided," said Riddle. 

The two dogs will mainly be in a school setting -- but will also attend community events in the future. 

"Really think they're impact is going to be endless," said Riddle. 

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Gizmo is already impacting students the minute they walk through the door -- always with a happy disposition.

"He's sitting there ready for you to pet him and love him and all happy. Having a dog like that is just the greatest feeling," said Gold. 

Greenfield Police Department therapy dog

The Greenfield Police Department is hoping the new addition will spread more smiles in the community. 

"Everyone loves dogs. I don't know a lot of people that don't love dogs. I think it can just have a great impact and have more people be open to it and get more involved with the community," said Riddle. 


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