Packers playoff game puts apparel printer into overdrive

An Oak Creek screen printing company is gearing up for the Green Bay Packers game this weekend -- literally.

Behind the doors at Redwall Screen Printing, the Packers' postseason push has put apparel production into overdrive.

"Right now, Packers, that’s big news, right? So we’re getting ready, we’re seeing orders come in already for the game this coming weekend," said owner Jeff Meilander. "We’re getting ready, we’re getting ready for them to win -- and we’re going to start printing right away."

Redwall makes hoodies, hats, polos -- you name it. Meilander said Redwall is a contractor service, printing items for customers who are licensed, larger retailers.

"For the Packers right now our pre-orders are into 15,000-20,000 pieces range, and we expect that to go up as well. And then onto the Super bowl and it will be a lot more than that," Meilander said.

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For the better part of a week, the printers have been going hard.

"Up until the last hour of the game, and then thereafter, too, we’ll see re-orders probably for the weeks after that," said Meilander.

Redwall Screen Printing

But what does this sweet, Green & Gold swag look like?

"Today we can’t show the designs, definitely top secret information, so once the game happens, and they win, then we’ll release it," Meilander said.

Redwall Screen Printing

If you want to see the gear Redwall is working on for yourself, Meilander said odds are good that if the Packers win on Sunday, you may see a player wearing it on the field after the game.

"Chances are, any big box retailer or sports store, they probably have what we’re printing," said Meilander. "Go Pack! We're looking forward to printing a lot of shirts."

If you want to get your hands on some gear, the further the team goes, the more swag Redwall makes.

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