Oriental Theatre renovation sneak peek, movie palace turns 94

The Oriental Theatre is getting a facelift; now in phase four of five of renovations.

While the lights have been off for almost a year, the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee is glowing.

"It was really just making it shine," said Ryan Putskey, cinema manager. "We’ve completely redone the lights. We’ve touched up a lot of the paint. We’ve refinished a lot of the plasterwork that had fallen in the past year."

Milwaukee Film is in phase four of five of renovations and updates to the theatre as part of a multi-million dollar project. On Friday, FOX6 News got a sneak preview of some of the work being done ahead of the final act.

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Oriental Theatre

"Phase four has been taking place for basically the past year," said Putskey. "We’ve been redoing the main house, the main auditorium, which is our largest auditorium. It seats about 1,000 people."

Other updates include balcony and ceiling restoration while preserving historic, decorative elements. Putskey said some of the work was simple -- cleaning or repainting.

"There were a lot of things that needed work," he said. "There were literal holes that needed patching in the ceiling."

Oriental Theatre

While the movie palace is already full of details and designs, Putskey said he can't wait to pull back the curtain for everyone during the grand re-opening.

"To offer the films that we offer through Milwaukee Film and have this new and improved space, I think, is going to be really awesome," said Putskey.

Oriental Theatre

The theatre is anticipated to open this fall. On July 2, the cinema turns 94 years old.