Organization works to break down barriers for jailed voters

One non-profit is working to break down barriers at the ballot box, including for individuals in jail. Officials with All Voting is Local say that of the estimated 12,500 people in Wisconsin county jails, most are eligible to vote. The organization is working to help those voters access -- and cast -- absentee ballots this Election Day, and in future elections.

"You do not become ineligible to vote unless you are serving a sentence -- in most cases, unless you're serving a sentence for a felony, or a misdemeanor for treason or bribery," said Peter Burress, Wisconsin campaign manager with All Voting is Local. "Given the large number of individuals who are in our Wisconsin county jails, it is a very pressing issue."

All Voting is Local

The nonpartisan organization is also working to make the voting process simpler for jailed voters in the future. 

The organization encourages anyone who experiences, or learns of eligible voters experiencing ballot barriers, to call 866-OUR-VOTE.