"No kill" traps for coyotes set throughout the City of Greenfield

GREENFIELD -- The first day of December marks the start of Wisconsin's "cable-restraint hunting season," which could bring some relief to residents of Greenfield -- as they cope with coyote concerns.

Jeff Zainer sets traps for coyotes

On Tuesday in Greenfield, Jeff Zainer was on the hunt as he tried to catch coyotes.

"We saw signs today, including scat, trails, footprints," said Zainer.

City of Greenfield police say they have hired the licensed trapper to set some 50 traps in an effort to protect people and pets from aggressive coyotes.

"I've been told that we need to spend the majority of the effort in the area that has the most aggressive coyotes -- where they've shown a propensity to attack the neighbors' dogs," said Zainer.

Zainer explains these "no kill" traps are being set in the hopes they will help ease the concerns which have prompted between 50 and 100 phone calls.

"We've found that, you know, we're kind of learning as we go -- that coyotes are pretty elusive. They're not stupid," said Zainer.

Zainer says the coyotes, which are also known as 'sound dogs' or 'yotes,' can be found just about anywhere within the city limits. So too can the traps be found.

To keep yourself and your pets safe, Zainer suggests you keep both away from those traps while they're out there during the next few months.