Muskego teachers sleep on roof after kids raise $41K for charity

Raising awareness from a rooftop, two physical education teachers at Bay Lane Elementary in Muskego agreed to sleep on the school's roof Wednesday night, March 25.

Eric Hetzel and Scott Carlson agreed to do so after students raised $41,000 for the American Heart Association. They said anytime they can get students excited to help others, it's worth it.

"They get really excited to see the teachers do something outside the ordinary," Hetzel said. "So Mr. Carlson and I thought hey, why not sleep on the roof? We can wave to the kids in the morning when they come to school. We can wave to them when they leave the school, and they'll get excited."

The teachers climbed to the rooftop prepared for the elements. They have sleeping bags, hot coffee and a space heater to help them stay warm overnight.

The school has been participating in the fundraising program for more than 30 years.

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