Mother's Day messages, love key after difficult year

Mothers have been champions over the past year, facing obstacle after obstacle through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Natalie Hayden, cofounder of "ExPOSED The Podcast," said this Mother's Day it is up to moms to celebrate themselves and each other.

"We need each other. We do," Hayden said.

One of many supermoms, Hayden is working to help all moms feel the extra love for each and themselves this holiday.

"I think the greatest thing that many of us mothers, we struggle with, is our own internal sense of selves," said Hayden. "Especially after this year."

Hayden's Milwaukee-based podcast is helping mothers get through a difficult year.

"Questioning if we are doing enough, that we’re doing the right thing for our children and oftentimes I think what you are doing is enough," Hayden said.

From working and teaching at home to child care and financial strife, mothers have handled it all.

"I’ve been hearing a lot from mothers that they can’t too much catch a break. Where can they find those moments, those pockets of self-care?" said Hayden.

Many are struggling with abuse, health challenges and separation from families while social distancing

Natalie Hayden

"Some have shared, we just don’t know with the uncertainty of COVID and what it looks like as far as co-parenting, and shelter in place, and safer at home when we know, home, is not necessarily safer," Hayden said.

Hayden said finding support starts with mothers supporting themselves and each other. She's asking all women and moms to make a virtual pledge.

"Build a bond and respect not only just yourself, but you can respect the woman that you see, we are each other, and we need each other," said Hayden. "The hashtag #nomoremeangirls really deals with how we have relationships with ourselves. Then it is sort of projected and translates onto other women."

ExPOSED The Podcast #nomoremeangirls

This year, Hayden said, besides flowers and gifts, there is so much more people can do to celebrate what all moms have done.

"The best way you can celebrate and honor your mom is to respect the woman that she has been, respect the woman that she is, and then, also respect the woman she is becoming," Hayden said. "Every day should be Mother’s Day, I think."  

ExPosed The Podcast is a weekly conversation mostly focused on life after abuse. The goal is to reach 5,000 signatures on the online pledge, along with the #nomoremeangirls – head to for more.

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