Moms with Alzheimer's: 'The love never forgets'

A mother’s love never forgets. That stands true for one Brookfield family. This story is a tribute to any moms living with Alzheimer's this Mother’s Day.

The signs were there.

"I just noticed she started getting fines for not paying bills on time, which is not like my mother. She was always very punctual with her bills," said Kieran McAvoy.

Then came the diagnosis.

"She officially got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 64," she said.

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Jackie McAvoy is a loving mother to five children.

"She’s just so selfless and giving, you know? She would sacrifice anything for us kids," said Kieran.

She’s now five years post-diagnosis and a new grandmother to Eimear.

As a new mom, Jackie's daughter, Kieran, is instilling her mom’s love and wisdom into her own daughter since Jackie can’t express it herself.

"She’s gonna know her grandma is a very loving, hardworking woman that really just instilled a work ethic in me," said Kieran. "I don’t think I would’ve gone to medical school or accomplished half of what I’ve done in my life already if it wasn’t for my mom. I think that she will…I will try to…sorry. I will try to instill in Eimear that in her, as well."

Kieran McAvoy is an Alzheimer's Association advocate and wants anyone in a similar situation this Mother’s Day to remember:

"What really helped me is to not dwell on what could have been. Enjoy the now and the time you have with your loved one. They still love you deep down. The love never forgets," she said.

There is help out there for people living with Alzheimer's and their families. Visit the website for resources.