Mitchell International Airport: Time for a name change?

MILWAUKEE -- Should the idea of changing the name of Milwaukee's airport be seriously considered? That's something an industry analyst from the Milwaukee area is suggesting.

The idea of a name change for Milwaukee's airport was suggested in an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Monday, December 10th. It's prompting all types of talk. But Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele says right now, the idea doesn't amount to much more than talk.

"Well, let me put it this way. I'm not interested in spending a couple hundred thousand dollars on a consultant to tell us what to name the airport," Abele said.

But Abele concedes that if a name change would help boost business at Mitchell International Airport, it would get consideration.

"I honestly don't know whether airports changing their names has had an impact on travel volume. But you know, if doing something to change our name, and more importantly sort of the brand and the association of the airport would help, we'll do it," Abele said.

For now, the chances of fliers singing a different tune at Milwaukee's airport remain slim.