Milwaukee salon's classes teach parents fundamentals

As kids head back to school, a Milwaukee hair salon is putting parents through some schooling, as well.

At Taylor & Burton salon near Kinnickinnic and Holt, it’s about more than getting a fresh cut or hairdo.

"We really want folks to learn something each and every time they’re here," said Al Oldham, owner.

After hearing a lot from his male clientele about needing tips on how to do their daughters' hair, Oldham decided class needed to be in session and that the fundamentals were key.

"What we’re going to do is teach dads how to detangle, brush, braid, make some ponytails and teach them a style that looks like a hair bow," said Oldham.

For $40, you can take a class that will not only give you the hair knowledge you need and bonding time with your child, but also, the essentials for you to take home.

"They're going to go home with a package with combs, clips, hairbrush, spray detangler," said Oldham.

From ponytails to top buns, you can send her off to school loving her look.

"It’s the little things that count really, whether it's us being alone together or being able to do her hair without her mom being around," said Anthony Guzman, dad. "That’s a big reason why we’re here."

For those dads who are hesitant, Guzman said there’s nothing to worry about.

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"Don’t be shy about doing what's labeled as what I would say a woman's job, or whatnot," said Guzman. "It's okay for you to comb your daughter's hair."

The salon is hosting more classes in the future like ones for moms and kids with kinking, curly hair.