Milwaukee Girls' Day celebrates Women's History Month virtually

To celebrate Women's History Month, the City of Milwaukee and all of the women on the Common Council hosted the 11th annual Girls' Day on Thursday, March 25.

Of course, the event had to be held virtually this year, but women were still able to inspire young girls across the community.

"Women run the world, we truly are amazing," said Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd of Milwaukee's 5th district.

Every year, the mission for Girls' Day at City Hall is to inspire young women to pursue public service.

"You really are the future of this city. We’re here for you, we support you, and we want you to succeed," said Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic with Milwaukee's 14th district.

Milwaukee 11th Annual Girls' Day, held virtually in 2021

This year's virtual event involved a series of panelists that have careers in public service and elected office. Those who took part let girls know that having confidence is what will allow them to be in positions of leadership.

"There may be people around you that are encouraging or inspiring or even the absence of that. But nothing is more important than your belief in yourself," said Dr. Adanna Johnson, vice president of student equity and inclusion at Georgetown University."

Mayor Tom Barrett shared his story about his time as mayor, saying it's about time women join him in the Council chamber to make decisions.

"We need to have more women involved in all areas of our society in leadership positions," Barrett said.

Milwaukee Girls' Day 2017 at City Hall

Although hosting the event virtually was a lot different from past years, the message was the same.

"You are an amazing young girl who is destined to do great things in the world," Dodd said.

If you were unable to join the virtual event live Thursday morning, the Common Council recorded it online.

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