MCTS bus veers off snow-slicked street in Wauwatosa

In Milwaukee, it was already tough to see over some snowbanks. Another few inches of snow Thursday, Feb. 4 will likely provide additional challenges.

Milwaukee declared a snow emergency for Thursday night into Friday morning. That afternoon, the snow had already caused trouble for at least one MCTS bus.

It can be tricky navigating the city's narrow streets. Thursday's snow only made things worse.

"The main roads aren’t bad at all, it’s when you get into the alleys it’s pretty bad," said Chris Gutierrez of Bay View.

Driving down narrow Milwaukee street during Feb. 4, 2021 snowfall.

"The plows are doing the best they can, but if your car ain’t big enough or if you don’t have all-wheel drive, you just can’t really drive," Chris Johnson of Bay View said.

Near 68th and State in Wauwatosa on Thursday, a Nest doorbell camera caught an MCTS bus losing control a little before 2 p.m.

An MCTS spokesperson said slippery road conditions caused the driver to veer off the road to avoid hitting cars that were stopped at a red light. MCTS said no injuries were reported.

The multiple rounds of snow have some people running out of salt and others running out of patience.

"I’ve had enough," said Doug Mintline.


But if Gutierrez's dog, Chloe, was president, she'd declare a snow emergency all winter long.

"Chloe, she loves the snow, she’s having a great old time," said Gutierrez.

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The Milwaukee snow emergency's parking regulations take effect at 10 p.m. Thursday; residents will need to park on the even-numbered side of the road, where parking is permitted.

The city's Department of Public Works will most likely declare a snow emergency Friday night, too, but that decision will be made Friday.

Milwaukee declares snow emergency, parking rules take effect

The City of Milwaukee declared a snow emergency for Thursday, Feb. 4 as winter weather hit southeastern Wisconsin.

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