Milwaukee COVID-19 vaccine clinic draws people from Chicago, Madison

A local pharmacy is using a new strategy to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19. Saturday alone, more than 750 people received shots.

Patients don't have to call a doctor or go online and make an appointment. As long as they fell into an eligible group, all they had to do on Feb. 20 was show up at Hayat Pharmacy near 8th and Layton.

The setup drew people from hours away. Meena Ganesan drove down her mother from Madison, making sure to capture the moment for her 10-year-old son.

"He said could you please record this for me, this is like historic. I want to keep it for my records," Ganesan said.

Meena Ganesan captures her mother's COVID-19 vaccination

They made the trip because, like almost everyone else in the room Saturday, other attempts to get the vaccine had failed.

"We haven’t heard from the doctors yet," said Ganesan.

"I was doing different calls, It’s wait, wait wait. Difficult," Blanca Zomanski, who traveled from Chicago, said.

Dr. Hashim Zaibak

Hayat Pharmacy decided a walk-in approach on a Saturday could help reach some of the eligible people who have been missed.

"The challenge is when you are working with the seniors or working with people that have internet issues, they have a hard time registering, making appointments, so we thought OK, let's just pick a day where we have a walk-in clinic," said Dr. Hashim Zaibak, Hayat Pharmacy owner.

Blanca Zomanski

Each person was grateful to be one shot closer to the pandemic finish line.

"I feel I am in jail because we can’t go anyplace. I want things wrapped as soon as possible," Zomanski said.

"I feel 50% relaxed now that my mom is vaccinated," said Ganesan.

Hayat Pharmacy plans to have more clinics next week. The exact date will be set once they get their shipment from the state.

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