Milwaukee Christmas tree repurposed at Black Husky Brewing

The holiday season officially coming to a close today as the 108th City of Milwaukee Christmas tree comes down.

"While this tree already has a dedicated repurpose, it is very similar to the vast majority of trees we replace city-wide, which are not sent to the landfill," said Danielle Rodriguez of the Department of Public Works.

Although its time of bringing holiday cheer is over, the 35-foot tree is moving on to serve a different purpose. 

"The tree will be limbed, the branches chipped, and the trunk cut into four-foot sections. This will allow Bob Younger to carve those by chainsaw to create original works of art," said Cavalier Johnson, Acting Mayor of Milwaukee.

Black Husky Brewing has been partnering with the city in support of its Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund since the tree’s harvest in November. 

The fund supports the planting and repurposing of trees in our community.

"Living up north like I did and living among the trees, things like this are very important to us," said Tim Eichinger, Co-Owner of Black Husky Brewing.

From brewing spruce beer from the tree’s needles to now auctioning off sculptures created from the stump, black husky brewing is helping make sure this entire tree is put to good use. 

"We feel very honored to be apart of this, its very exciting. Its going to be interesting to see what Bob comes up with, he’s the creative guy. We will see what his sculptures are going to look like," said Eichinger.

Proceeds from the auctioned sculptures will support the Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund.