Mask confusion amid CDC changes

As masking requirements are loosened, some are uneasy about what's next. Some business owners have said it's now OK for customers who are fully vaccinated to ditch the mask, but not everyone is ready.

"I’m going to continue to wear my mask, especially in large public places," said Monica Gregory.

After a year of masking up, it isn't easy for everyone to go back to the way things were.

"I’m fully vaccinated, but I’m just not sure about those who are not," said Gregory.

People are still hesitant with mask rules changing at businesses like Walmart, ALDI and Starbucks, where it's OK to be without a mask if you're fully vaccinated.

"I don’t want to contaminate my family by coming in and out and I don’t want to hurt myself," said Cardell Williams.

Health experts say it's natural to have some anxiety.

"We’re going through a really quick and drastic change from what we’ve been doing," said Gloria Jacobson, dean of nursing at Cardinal Stritch University.

Jacobson said it's best to do what you're comfortable with.

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"I think we need to respect people’s choices at this point and see how things unfold," said Jacobson.


Anxiety levels might be high, and people need to figure out their own way to navigate back to normal life.

"This has been a very high-stress time for all of us, and this is kind of the next phase and a necessary phase for us to get back to normal," said Dr. Jerry Halverson with Rogers Behavioral Health.

This transition could be confusing for adults but more so for kids.

"It’s important to talk to your kids about it and try to explain it as best as you can," said Halverson.

There is no right or wrong as we slowly ease back into normal life.

"Take each day at time," said Jacobson.

While some business owners have said it is OK for customers to go without masks if they are fully vaccinated, others still want customers to cover up their nose and mouth.