Lake Geneva Ice Castles are back with new features

A winter wonderland is under construction in Lake Geneva. The Ice Castles are back with some changes due to COVID-19. FOX6 News got a sneak peek Sunday, Jan. 10.

With the rest of the world a bit frozen due to the pandemic — the Ice Castles are, too.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

"We have had better weather conditions, which has been really great," said Joe Weiler. "It really allows us to shoot up these castles. Our castle is a little smaller of a footprint then we were last year."

Returning to Geneva National, still under construction Sunday, the castles stood at about 10 feet.

 "We do expect those to raise by about 6 to 7 feet," said Weiler. "It really comes down to what Mother Nature is going to give us."

Joe Weiler

New this year is a VIP room available for rent and a professional photographer. 

"Cool light features that we’ll be doing that are a little bit different from last year that will light up the castle really well," he said.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

There are a lot of fun features you can experience at the Ice Castles this year,but because of the pandemic, the tunnels, the maze and some other areas are just one direction to help with social distancing.

Timed ticketing, a limited capacity and a mask requirement are a few other safety precautions in place.

What better place to escape to than this winter wonderland. 

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

"I think especially right now, we really need spaces that we can come and kind of just forget about the world and really be encaptured," Weiler said.

Weather dependant, builders hope to open the Ice Castles by the end of January.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

If you're interested in tickets, visit their website.