Indiana girl accused in "Creepypasta" stabbing case; how it's different from the "Slenderman" case

ELKHART COUNTY, Indiana/WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin -- A case out of Indiana has some similarities with a high-profile case out of Waukesha County. A 12-year-old girl heard voices -- and stabbed another person. FOX6 News spoke with the mother of Morgan Geyser about this similar case. Geyser and another young girl, Anissa Weier are accused of trying to kill a classmate when they were 12 years old -- to appease the fictional horror character Slenderman. But there are distinct differences between the case out of Wisconsin, and the case out of Indiana.


Morgan Geyser's schizophrenia led her to hear voices, and to the stabbing, which was apparently an attempt to appease the fictional character Slenderman from the "Creepypasta" website.

A 12-year-old in Indiana now stands accused of stabbing her stepmother, after apparently listening to a clown character on the "Creepypasta" website.

Newly released court documents from the case out of Elkhart County, Indiana indicate the 12-year-old girl fatally stabbed her stepmother in July because a horror story clown from the Creepypasta website called "Laughing Jack" told her to do it.

Laughing Jack

Elkhart County, Indiana

The girl is charged in the children's court system -- and there is a court order to get her mental health assistance.

That's a far cry from the case out of Waukesha County.

Geyser and Weier were 12 years old when they allegedly stabbed a classmate 19 times -- leaving her for dead in the woods in Waukesha in May of 2014.

Geyser has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and doctors have testified that she hears voices and had spoken with Slenderman.

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

Geyser and Weier have been charged as adults.

Geyser's mother says Morgan "has yet to receive treatment for her schizophrenia," and that she has "no outdoor access" -- not even a window.

"Wisconsin does have some of the harsher laws," Tina Freiburger, UW-Milwaukee professor of criminal justice said.

A child over the age of 10 accused of attempted murder is charged as an adult in Wisconsin.

A child less than 16 years old with a murder charge begins in the juvenile justice system.

Both could be waived up or down -- but that can be difficult.

"Juveniles who are treated as adults, they're more likely to commit suicide. They're more likely to be victimized in institutions," Freiburger said.

Angie Geyser says the disparity when it comes to the way these cases are being handled in Wisconsin and Indiana is disheartening.

The Indiana girl's identity is being protected within the juvenile justice system.

Elkhart County, Indiana crime scene

Elkhart County, Indiana crime scene

Morgan Geyser

Angie Geyser says "when all is said and done, she will still have a chance at a future. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my little girl."

The case involving Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier is on hold, while an appeals court works to determine whether the girls will stay in adult court or whether they will be moved to children's court.

In the case out of Indiana, the girl won't stand trial unless she's deemed fit to understand the charges against her, and she'll most likely be placed in a state treatment facility.