Humane Society's Hope's Lights campaign helps animals in need

Giving hope to animals for a better future. That is the mission behind the Wisconsin Humane Society's annual Hope's Lights campaign

"Wisconsin Humane Society serves about 40,000 animals and their families every single year," said Angela Speed, VP of Communications for the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

Sixty-five percent of those animals come to the shelter in need of medical help. 

"We see so many animals in need come through our doors every year and we want to be able to remind the community that we’re providing these animals with hope for a better future," said Speed. 

The mission that sparked the Hope's Lights campaign more than 20 years ago...

"Hope’s Lights is one of our most important fundraisers, we’ve actually been doing it for about 20 years. It provides the bread and butter for us to offer all the life-saving services for animals in our community," said Speed. 

Every year they share the story of a different animal that was saved. This year is a dog named Ravioli. 

"He was unfortunately found in a dumpster with just a host of medical conditions and was absolutely terrified. Our veterinarians were able to save him. He did have to have one eye removed, but I can share today that he is going to be spending the holidays with a new loving family," said Speed. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society is looking for more families willing to help. 

“At this time, I would say our biggest need is for foster parents who are willing to take an animal into their homes on a temporary basis and that could be for a variety of reasons, it could be that the animal is suffering from a medical condition and needs more behavior support. Or simply we want to make more space in the shelter for other animals, especially during this time. During the pandemic we are trying to keep our staffing levels lower inside the shelter so it helps to have foster animals absorbed into the community so that we can better serve the animals inside of our buildings," said Speed. 

Whether you adopt, foster, or donate, know your gift will shine bright. 

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"If you drive by any of our shelters in December you’ll see they’re lit with thousands of beautiful lights and each one of those lights symbolizes a gift," said Speed. 

For animals like Ravioli to have hope...

 "As he was found he had hope for a better future because he was brought to us. There are so many animals with stories just like Ravioli and your gift helps support those wonderful outcomes for animals," said Speed. 


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