Free flu shot clinics for the homeless

MILWAUKEE -- Getting a flu shot is routine for many people. But for the homeless, unemployed, or uninsured it's not that easy.

"For vulnerable populations a flu shot can be a life and death matter because complications that result from the flu can be very prevalent among a population that is so stressed and dealing with the elements," medical clinic coordinator of Repairers of the Breach Debra Minsky-Kelly said.

Walgreens Pharmacy and Repairers of the Breach  -- a daytime resource center for the homeless, teamed up to help out.

"We`re doing a lot of prevention work just to try to immunize the patients who come here against the seasonal flu with free vaccines that have been donated by Walgreens,"  Minsky-Kelly said.

"We found a way to leverage our strengths and services to tie in to meet a real need here for the community," Walgreens Pharmacy manager Paul Cesarz said.

The free flu clinics were held at Repairers of the Breach on both Monday, November 5th and Wednesday, November 6th.

"This will give people a chance to let their immune system do what it`s designed to do -- identify something that could be coming down the road and give them the best chance of being immune when they do experience the flu this season," Cesarz said.

If you were unable to make it the flu shot clinic, you can get a voucher from Repairers of the Breach to receive a flu shot at an area Walgreens.