Florida golfer snatches ball stuck on alligator's tail

Here's a problem only golfers in Florida would face: how to retrieve a ball stuck on a gator's tail on the golf course.

That's the position two brothers found themselves in while golfing in southwest Florida over the weekend.

Brandon Downes and his brother Kyle were playing a round of golf in Cape Coral on Sunday when they spotted the large alligator next to a pond.

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“We came across the gator on the back nine and noticed a ball on the tail,” Kyle told Storyful. “Never unusual to see a gator, but a gator with a ball on its tail? Very unusual.”

Kyle began recording video as his brother went to retrieve the ball. Brandon edged closer to the gator as it stayed still next to the water.

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As Brandon grabbed the ball perched atop the tail, the alligator splashed into the pond while the golfer quickly retreated.

"We golf a lot being in SWFL so this is a rare sight indeed," Kyle said. "How the ball got there is a mystery to me."

Storyful contributed to this report.