Fisher-Price unveils first-ever sensory line of toys for preschoolers

Sensory Bright Hero (Credit: Fisher-Price)

Fisher-Price has launched a line of its first-every sensory toys for children ages 3 and up. 

The toy company said the idea is to cate to preschool children to create "a more inclusive play experience for neurodivergent and neurotypical kids, by allowing them to create their own unique play. "

The new list of toys include: 

  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright™ Light Station™
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright™ SpinnyScopes™
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright™ Squish Scape™
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright™ Squeeze ‘n Sniffs™

The toys will be exclusively at Target. 


Squish Scape (Credit: Fisher-Price)

"Sensory play is an important tool for childhood development, and we know that every child can benefit from activities that stimulate the brain through things like light, touch, and sound," Dr. Krystal Starke, Childhood Development Expert, Fisher-Price Play Lab, said in a news release. "Toy play is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, which is why we are so excited about the new Sensory Bright line that allows young children of varying abilities and sensibilities to customize their own sensory experience to their specific needs and wants every time they play."

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More details from Fisher Price: 

  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright Light Station, ($49.99): Unleash your child’s creativity with this interactive sensory table, featuring lights, sounds, and music that kids can control to create their own personalized sensory play. Featuring six interactive play modes—Spark, DJ Dance Party, Tracking, Splash, Wipeout, and Snake, along with a variety of textured buttons, dials, and switches—children can press, twist, and turn to design colorful visual, auditory, and tactile experiences. 
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright SpinnyScopes, ($6.99): Preschool kids can embark on an exciting sensory journey with this set of three different spinning toys that reveal a unique pattern as kids twist and turn the top, plus have satisfying clicking or whirring sounds. These light-refracting spinners also work with the light station to unlock more visual play.  
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright Squish Scape, ($11.99): Set the scene for under-the-sea sensory discoveries with this mess-free, squish scape tablet. Children can embark on a squishy scavenger hunt as they press and smush the fish through the goo maze, revealing hidden images in the ocean along the way for a fun, tactile experience! 
  • Fisher-Price® Sensory Bright Squeeze ‘n Sniffs™, (Available Soon | $10.99/2 pk): Preschoolers can squish, smush, smell, and make all kinds of exciting sensory discoveries with these four, new squeeze ‘n sniff toys, available in-store only. Each pack contains two squishy animal pals, featuring scented goo and fun hidden surprises underneath for kids to explore. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.