First Lady meets with Congress members on drug policy

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – First Lady Melania Trump made a solo visit to Capitol Hill Wednesday for a round table with lawmakers and administration officials on the opioid epidemic.

It’s been one year since Congress passed and the President signed into law the Support Act.

That is the administration’s signature drug prevention and treatment law.

One of Mrs. Trumps’ “Be Best” initiative pillars is combating the opioid crisis.

“Obviously that’s something that she’s passionate about not only as a first lady but as a mother,” Jim Carroll, Office of National Drug Control Policy Director said.

Carroll was inside the meeting on Wednesday. He says the administration is focused on fighting drug addiction.

“We’re ensuring, we’re committing to make sure that we have treatment spacing and funding available for them. And we have a First Lady that is so dedicated to this issue.”

Members from the House and Senate joined the First Lady and Director Carroll on Capitol Hill.

All were Republican lawmakers except for one.

“It’s a shame that it takes a crisis to bring us together,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said.

Manchin was the only Democrat at the table.

He said he has a strong relationship with the First Lady and appreciated her efforts in highlighting the issue, one that is especially severe in his state.

“There’s so many things we need to do. We have thousands of kids who are going to be left behind, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

Although a year into the legislation, everyone in the room agreed there is a long way to go before America can declare victory over opioid addiction.