Farms 'already out' of Christmas trees as demand soars in 2020

If you haven’t gotten your Christmas tree yet, you may be hardpressed to get something if you want the real thing, the owner of Trees for Less Nursery told FOX6 News Thursday, Dec. 3.

"Opened for business on the 21st of November," said Rick O'Malley.

Rick O'Malley

Business has been anything but slow.

"It has just been phenomenal," said O'Malley.

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O'Malley even called 2020 sales historic.

"I feel that a lot of people have been locked up all year and they want to get out with their families and just have a good time," said O'Malley.

He noted a lot of first-time "fresh tree" buyers in 2020, but whenever demand goes beyond supply, there aer problems.

"Every retailer is having a great year when it comes to Christmas trees," said O'Malley. "I get calls from Illinois, other retailers around our area here looking for more trees. I myself have been looking for more trees, and they just aren’t available.”  

With not enough “fresh trees” to go around, O'Malley said he'll "probably be out of business after Sunday (Dec. 6)."

"That’s my guess," he said. "It may dribble on a little bit longer than that, but the demand this year has just been phenomenal.” 

If you’re still looking, you need to move fast, O'Malley said Thursday.

"I think that a lot of people are already out of trees," said O'Malley. "If you’re looking for a tree, a fresh cut tree or a cut your own tree, I would suggest this would be your weekend to get your tree.”