Early voting in Wisconsin wraps up with long lines

MILWAUKEE -- Early voting in Milwaukee wrapped up on Friday, November 2nd with long lines.

At the peak of foot traffic, the wait to vote was 45 minutes to an hour. The Milwaukee Election Commission estimated 36,000 people cast a ballot in person over the last two weeks.

Doors closed at 7 p.m. on Friday as the last few voters rushed through the doors.

Among the early voters was 20-year-old Quinn Henigan, who cast a ballot in his first presidential election.

"I wanted to vote early cause I saw the importance of it. Why not get it out of the way?"
said Henigan.

Officials say they've seen more early voting this year than in the 2008 presidential election.

"Every day it's gotten busier. Yesterday was particularly busy. Today has been exceptionally busy," said Neil Albrect, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, on Friday.

Finding a parking spot outside the building was a headache. Cars circled the block.

"Parking was crazy. I saw the attendant person driving around and I thought, of all the nerve!" said Laura Loving.

Those who waited in line had few complaints about the process.

"It went a long pretty smoothly you know you gotta realize this is an important event," said Evelyn Lewis.

Combined with ballots received in the mail, officials predict they'll be counting about 50,000 absentee ballots on election night.

If you did not get an opportunity to cast your vote through early voting, you can still vote on election day.