Day spa receives calls from angry Walmart customers

MUKWONAGO (WITI) -- Since Black Friday, Woodhouse Day Spa in Mukwonago has been less than relaxing as the staff repeatedly receives phone calls from angry customers -- who have the wrong number.

The spa has been on the receiving end of Walmart's extended customer service line. Workers report taking more than 200 calls on Friday alone.

"Almost all of the voice mails were identical. It was dealing with a TV that was a 50-inch TV that was being sold for $288," said Kimberly Price with Woodhouse.

No one is quite sure how the spa was connected with the people who are calling, but employees are doing their best to explain the situation to frustrated callers, and tend to their own loyal clients.

"When people are calling in we could have been making appointments for today and the upcoming week, so it's hard to say at this point how much we lost," said Price.

Owners of Woodhouse Day Spa called in extra workers just to answer calls from Walmart customers.

"It's when they get us for the third time that they're kind of angry and they think we're lying to them," said Ashley Romani.

FOX6 News contacted Walmart for a response, but the automated system announced technical difficulties and asked to call back at a later time.

For now, Woodhouse is simply telling those with the incorrect phone number to call their local Walmart for any problems they are having.