Dangerous debris: Contact 6 helps driver get money for repairs

Consumers bring all kinds of interesting cases to Contact 6!

In October, FOX6’s consumer segment accepted cases ranging from dangerous debris on the interstate to a fake parking attendant. In some cases, Contact 6’s case manager got results in just one day.

On July 6, Grant Lykins was driving on I-94 when gravel flew off a truck and hit his car. His vehicle’s dash camera captured the debris striking his vehicle.

"I started hearing the plinking of gravel hitting my windshield," Lykins told Contact 6. "It cracked my windshield and really messed up my car."

Lykins says the gravel chunks were the size of a quarter and caused $1,800 in damage. He told Contact 6 the company that owns the truck promised to cover his repair bill. Then he says the check didn’t arrive in the mail.

"[The company] wouldn’t respond to phone calls. Wouldn’t respond to emails," said Lykins. "I was watching the news one night, and I saw the ‘Contact 6 investigates’ and said, ‘I should give this a try.’"

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Lykins says within 30 minutes of Contact 6 reaching out to the company on his behalf, he got an email saying his money was on its way. A check arrived within a week and a half. His car was quickly repaired.

"It looks absolutely phenomenal," said Lykins. "I texted all my friends in the Milwaukee area, and I was like, ‘If you all have any problems, you need to call these people.’"

In all, consumers say Contact 6 helped them save $38,058.61 in October. That brings Contact 6’s total to $571,919.12 in 2022!

The Contact 6 case manager resolved 17 cases in October. She got a refund for Disney on Ice tickets purchased through a third-party ticket seller. The tickets hadn’t arrived.

She helped one man get a parking ticket voided and collections notice dropped after he’d paid to park in a lot near the Summerfest grounds. Contact 6 learned the man likely paid a scammer posing as a parking attendant.

Contact 6 also got a warranty company to replace a Greenfield man’s furnace. His furnace broke down in January.

John Pedrosa in Racine was unhappy about leaks coming from 12 newly installed windows.

"On windy days, I could hear the wind blowing through and around the windows," Pedrosa told Contact 6.

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John Pedrosa

Pedrosa says he’d been waiting about six months on repairs when he filled out the online complaint form with Contact 6. He got results fast.

"I got the call from you in the morning, and by 3:00 in the afternoon, the company was calling me," said Pedrosa. 

Contact 6 is celebrating its 50th anniversary year and continues to break segment records. Since the beginning of 2021, Contact 6 has helped consumers save more than $1 million dollars, a big milestone for Annette, the Contact 6 case manager!

To find out if Contact 6 may be able to help you, fill out a complaint form.