Contact 6 saves consumers nearly $70K in September

After two summers without a working central air unit, a Brown Deer woman decided she’d had enough and wrote to Contact 6.

One month later, she’s among the 27 cases FOX6’s consumer segment helped to resolve in September. Her $5,000 is among the more than $530,000 consumers say Contact 6 has helped them save in 2022.

Wanda Newton says she lived with a malfunctioning central air system for more than two years. Her warranty provider sent out various contractors to inspect the unit, who ordered different parts for its repair. Then Wanda would wait.

"Weeks went by. Nothing," said Newton. "I could still get [a little] air but not the full capacity."

Wanda Newton

Newton finally decided to fill out a Contact 6 complaint form on Contact 6 wrote to the warranty provider and within two weeks, the company sent out a contractor to repair the unit. Wanda now has working central air.

"I thank Contact 6 from the bottom of my heart because your slogan, ‘Because you Matter,’ I mattered," said Newton.

Newton’s $5,000 is among $69,808.84 that consumers say the segment helped them save in September. The Contact 6 case manager, Annette, worked behind the scenes on dozens of cases. Among the outcomes was a storage facility agreeing to refund a customer’s security deposit and a travel insurer refunding one consumer’s policy premium for a canceled cruise. Contact 6 prompted a retailer to reissue a refund check when the customer failed to cash the check before it expired. The segment helped get four broken refrigerators either refunded or replaced and more.

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Hason Muhammad submitted a complaint form with Contact 6 after getting monthly bills for a home security system she never installed. Muhammad mailed the security equipment back to the company and even had paperwork proving the package was delivered.

"I know people who have used Contact 6 before, and it worked for them so I thought, ‘Well, I’ll give it a shot,’" said Muhammad. "I kept getting alerts every day that I was late. [The alerts said], ‘Please pay your bill.’"

Hason Muhammad

Contact 6 emailed the home security company, and it waived Muhammad’s $1,400 bill.

"I was pretty excited about that," Muhammad told Contact 6.

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To find out if Contact 6 is able to help you, fill out the segment’s online form.