Contact 6 helps consumers save $106,000 in June

Contact 6 helped unhappy consumers save more than $100,000 in June! Many of those consumers had complaints concerning poor communication with area businesses.

In Delavan, Ed Stefanski’s new solar panels sat dormant for seven months while he waited for the utility to approve his contractor’s work.

"[The company] said it would be up and running by January," Stefanski told Contact 6.

Ed Stefanski

Turns out, an issue with a small placard above the meter was the reason for the hold-up. The placard displays information about Stefanski’s meter.

"Apparently, the solar energy company never sent in pictures of the new signage," said Stefanski.

It’s an explanation Stefanski says he never got until he submitted an online complaint form with Contact 6. The problem was easy to remedy.

"I took a picture, and my son sent it to [the utility], and they were here that day," said Stefanski.

Stefanski’s case is among 26 cases that FOX6 viewers say Contact 6 helped to resolve in June. Working behind the scenes, the Contact 6 case manager helped consumers save $106,587.69.

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Sheila Korup

Contact 6 helped Sheila Korup in Grafton get a $1,215 warranty check for her newly installed water heater. Korup says she’d grown tired of making phone calls to the company asking about the check.

"From January to May, it was every week, and it was several times a week," said Korup.

Korup didn’t wait long for her check after writing to Contact 6.

"After all I went through, I got nowhere. The day after you contact them, they called me," said Korup. "I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it."

Rita Johnson in Milwaukee also got a quick resolution.

Rita Johnson's backyard canopy

Johnson had ordered a replacement canopy for her backyard but says the retailer shipped her the wrong item three times. Two days after submitting a complaint form with Contact 6, Johnson says she got a phone call inviting her to visit the store.

"I showed them, ‘This is what you keep sending me. This is not what I need,’" said Johnson. "It only took 10 minutes [at the store]. I had what I needed. Everybody was happy."

Johnson saved $150 and says she can finally relax in her backyard in comfort.

Midway through 2023, Contact 6 has already helped FOX6 viewers save $280,794. To find out if they may be able to help you, file a complaint form.