Contact 6 helps consumers save $31,000 in April 2023

From missing money to a missed flight, disappointed consumers write to Contact 6 every day.

Milwaukee barber Devon Christian says it was sheer frustration after losing $800 that prompted him to file an online complaint form with the consumer segment.

"Because you figure, how many haircuts is $800?" said Christian. "It’s like, 40!"

Back in December, Christian says he dropped the $800 money order into a mailbox. The money order was meant to pay down his auto loan, but instead, it ended up at a check-cashing store nearby. Christian says someone else cashed it and walked out with his money.

"Someone whitewashed the money order or whatever," Christian said.

Christian says he was unable to get a refund from the check-cashing store, so he tried Contact 6.

"The dude called me back and said, ‘Mr. Christian, come get your money,’" said Christian. "Because at first, he gave me a hard time."

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Christian’s resolution is among the $30,968.73 that viewers say FOX6’s consumer segment helped them save in April.

Devon Christian

The Contact 6 case manager worked behind the scenes to resolve 29 cases last month. She helped a Milwaukee woman land a $1,200 refund for carpet that went flat. She secured a long-awaited $1,900 Social Security check for a Mukwonago family. For a Greenfield couple, she got $200 in late fees waived for wedding ring payments that weren’t actually late.

In Franklin, Karina Frecka showed Contact 6 the suitcase and ski equipment that flew to Denver in March without her. When Frecka’s flight took off from Midway Airport in Chicago, Frecka says she was stuck in a TSA line after a tornado warning.

Karina Frecka 

"I was supposed to go on a trip. I took off work and everything," said Frecka. "It took like, three hours to get through the entire line."

Frecka says the airline initially told her she wouldn’t get a refund.

"That made me very mad," said Frecka.

Frecka says the airline changed its mind after Contact 6 reached out, sending her $600 for the flights.

"I think you guys helped me out a lot," said Frecka.

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Unhappy consumers say Contact 6 also resolved issues in April with cellphone bills, appliances, credit cards, broken furniture, insurance, warranties and more. To find out if Contact 6 may be able to help you, fill out a complaint form.