Cab driver is wallet-saving Samaritan

Larry McCotry is the wallet-saving Samaritan. He's a Milwaukee cab driver who, in his spare time, and even sometimes when he's on the clock, finds lost wallets, and returns them to their rightful owners.

McCotry says he's found six wallets in the 13 months he's been a cab driver, but he doesn't always find the wallets in his yellow cab - several of them have been lying on city streets.

McCotry says years ago, a much-younger version of himself may have had his way with the wallets' contents, but these days, he insists on playing fair.

"God has blessed me in so many ways, and I just want to bless the right people, by turning their wallets and their money back over to them. The police get so busy, and then pretty soon, they get lost in the system, and I know about getting lost in the system," McCotry said.

Wednesday, McCotry headed over to the Milwaukee Police District Four Headquarters, to hand over some of the wallets to police that he hasn't been able to return after a few months, and officers said they'd do what they can.

"I've exhausted all my means of trying to get them back to the people they belong to. I was kind of scolded about having the wallets as long as I did, but I was doing the right thing, I thought," McCotry said.

McCotry says he feels good when he returns the wallets, but says after talking with police, he now knows the best thing to do when locating someone else's property, is to hand it over to police as soon as possible.