Business News (1-5-12)

In business news for Thursday, January 5th, 2012, Manpower is throwing its support behind President Obama's summer jobs program, and Rich Meeusen, the CEO of Badger Meter, says jobs are staying in Racine after his company bought Racine Federated.

Obama's summer jobs program is called "Summer Jobs Plus" and it's a new push to put thousands of young people to work this summer in cities across the country, including Milwaukee. The national employment push comes from the White House and is pushing businesses, non-profit groups and government agencies to create summer and year-round jobs for low in come and disconnected youth. Manpower is the only southeastern Wisconsin company that has announced a committment to the program thus far.

Rich Meeusen, the CEO of Badger Meter says jobs are staying in Racine after his company purchased Racine Federated. In fact, he plans to add more positions at the Racine factory as he builds the business. The Brown Deer water meter manufacturer announced this week it would buy Racine Federated for $57 million in cash. Racine Federated employs about 120 workers and also makes water measurement products.