Brewers partner with AmFam to help 'Fearless Dreamers' in Milwaukee

A new baseball season kicks off with new opportunities for area students as the Milwaukee Brewers and American Family Insurance just launched a new initiative.

The investment helps remove barriers for those trying to make a break-through. 

As each crack of the bat reinforces a player's dreams, the Milwaukee Brewers encourage students to knock theirs out of the park. 

"Education is the passport to our future," Cecelia Gore said.

Cecelia Gore

That's why Gore, the executive director of the Brewers Community Foundation, says their partnership with American Family Insurance seeks to help students succeed.

"We do what we can to be supportive," she said.

The creation of the new Fearless Dreamer Scholarship program will have a major impact. 

"One of our missions is to help close equity gaps," Leana Nakielski said.

Leana Nakielski

Nakielski, the community and social impact director with American Family Insurance, says Black, indigenous and students of color are encouraged to apply for the scholarship that will provide financial support and programming for students pursuing stem majors.

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"So we will provide five students every year with $2,500 to pay toward their two-year or four-year tuition and we will renew this every year up to an additional four, so up to five years per student," she said.

A huge part of those funds come from Christian Yelich, who contributed $35,000 to the scholarship.

Christian Yelich

"Our players are amazing," Gore said

The donations are also helping to create a diverse talent pipeline for high-demand tech careers.

"We live in a world that is shifting in terms of the skill set that is needed," Gore said.

"What great way to invest in our community than to invest in our people," Nakielski said. "We believe in you." 

The financial support is also paired with mentoring and access to internships. 

The scholarship program for graduating high school seniors currently residing in Milwaukee is now open for applicants