Bike4Friendship: Trek to Door County to raise disability awareness

Pedaling with a purpose, dozens of people are biking nearly 200 miles from Fox Point to Door County to support Bike4Friendship and raise money for The Friendship Circle.

The pedaling began outside Friendship Circle in Fox Point Sunday morning, Aug. 21. 

"We are leaving from Fox Point, riding 180 miles to Door County, spending the night at the American Club with a beautiful gala to celebrate this beautiful milestone," said Levi Stein.

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About 75 cyclists from seven states are making the trek north. Money raised will help The Friendship Circle.

"Which supports children and adults with disabilities and does mental health programing for people struggling with thoughts of suicide that need support," he said.

"We've got a beautiful day. We're riding up to Door County, Wisconsin," said Ben Stern.

He was geared up and ready to roll Sunday morning.

"Friendship is the most special thing in life," he said.

Ann and Liz Hacker

"Friendship Circle, to us, means Liz has a place to work and belong and make friends," said Ann Hacker.

Liz Hacker plans to ride one mile. Her mom, Ann, is helping her along this adventure.

"And we're doing this to raise awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities," said Liz Hacker.

Liz Hacker

The ride is bringing joy.

"After getting this bike a month ago and training for this race, she had the best summer of life, really, because what she's been doing getting ready for this bike ride," said Ann Hacker.

The Bike4Friendship fundraising goal is $250,000.

"Riding for a good cause is what gets us to that finish line," said Levi Stein.

The impact is priceless.