Betty White Challenge: Emma Loves Dogs Foundation donates

Monday, Jan. 17 would have been Betty White's 100th birthday. To honor the late actress, people have been encouraged to participate in the Betty White Challenge and donate to a local humane society or animal shelter. 

"I think it’s incredible. What a great way to honor someone, and keep their legacy alive and do what they wanted. That’s all they wanted was to help dogs, so let’s go out and do that," said Geoff Mertens. 

Geoff and Tammy Mertens lost their daughter, Emma, to cancer a little over two years ago. To honor her love of dogs, the couple created the "Emma Loves Dogs Foundation." 

"That’s all she wanted to do was to help animals, even when she was terribly sick," said Geoff Mertens. 

The late actress Betty White shared a similar love. To celebrate what would have been White's 100th birthday, the Betty White Challenge was created. It encourages people to donate to a local animal shelter in her honor. 

"What we’re hoping for today is that people take the opportunity to honor Betty White on her 100th, and what she loved was helping dogs, so if anyone could go out and just give $5 or $50 to their local animal shelter, that would be incredible," said Geoff Mertens. 

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The Emma Loves Dogs Foundation participated in the challenge by donating $1,000 to four local humane societies – three in Wisconsin and one in Indiana. 

"We are honored to be a part of that and not only honor Betty but honor our daughter, Emma, at the same time," said Geoff Mertens. 

Humane societies and shelters always need monetary donations, but another way to help is by fostering a pet