Bayshore parking garage collapse; no victims, officials confirm

North Shore Fire/Rescue confirmed Saturday, Feb. 25 that there were no victims after a Bayshore parking garage partially collapsed.

"There’s certainly a sigh of relief to know that under that last piece of concrete all is clear and confirm what we were pretty confident of," said North Shore Fire/Rescue Assistant Chief Daniel Tyk.

Two cars were crushed when part of the Silver Spring Parking Garage's third level fell, collapsing part of the second level along with it Thursday. 

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"I was getting anxious again just thinking about it," said Anna Holz, a senior at Whitefish Bay High School. "It did not look real.

"I was stepping on the gas to go and turn in there, and it fell, and I was like, ‘Wait, did that happen, am I seeing this correctly?’"

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Feb. 25 cleanup efforts after Feb. 23 Bayshore parking garage collapse (Courtesy: North Shore Fire/Rescue | Daniel Tyk)

It was the kind of sight that's hard to believe even when you see it with your own eyes. The parking garage collapsed right in front of Holz and fellow Whitefish Bay student Alex Pecky

"I’m definitely going to look at parking garages differently for the rest of my life, but it definitely was – I’m going to remember this forever, it was eye-opening," Holz said. "We are just grateful that there was nobody in there."

More work to be done

North Shore Fire/Rescue said a demolition team used heavy equipment to remove the debris field, allowing fire department personnel to get into new areas Saturday and remove the two crushed cars.

"I think the concern now shifts for Bayshore to the cars on the second and third levels of the structure, then the plan moving forward for the structure which I think will be to rebuild," Tyk said.

For the dozens of cars stuck on the upper levels, it was initially thought it could take months to get them out. However, North Shore Fire/Rescue said efforts to get cars off the second level could start as early as Monday. The third level would follow.

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Equipment brought in to clear debris from Bayshore parking garage collapse

"I’m having separation anxiety," said Glenn Hall of Milwaukee. His Infinity is one of the cars stuck. "It could’ve been a lot worse than what it is. Yeah, 56 cars that are locked up in there, which could’ve been 56 deaths."

Hall said the situation has given him a fresh perspective.

"The inconvenience doesn’t hurt so bad when you’re still here," he said. "I’ll probably park on the street, maybe not mind the walk where I’m at, so at least I can get to my car."

Getting the stuck cars out isn't simple; the collapsed ramp will need to be partially rebuilt. The creativity of engineers is helping it happen.

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North Shore Fire/Rescue said Bayshore is working to open up more parking in an adjacent ground lot and in a limited area of the garage's first level. Tyk said the garage is still structurally sound.

Because they were able to confirm that there are no injuries, the police and fire departments are closing their respective involvement in the situation. 

Cyprus Properties, which owns Bayshore, and its partners will now be handling things. Vehicle owners impacted by the collapse should reach out to Bayshore security for information. 

While the official cause remains under investigation, snow is believed to be a factor in the collapse.