Aunt of West Allis fire victims speaks for first time

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- We're learning more about the five-year-old girl and her four-year-old twin brothers who died tragically in a fire Thursday night. FOX6 News spoke to their aunt who is left with a giant void.

"They were great, they were absolutely great," said Nicole Blight, the half-sister of Angelica Belen.

Blight said she will remember the little things about her niece and nephews.

"Ti ti is here, ti ti's here," Blight explaining to us how they greeted her. We made a lot of macaroni and cheese with adobo," said Blight, who said that was the meal they frequently ate when she made them lunch.

Blight said the twin boys Alex and Adrian loved watching Star Wars, and her niece Nayeli had a dream one day of becoming Miss America.

"She had so many crowns and sashes, she was a beautiful little girl," said Blight.

But their aunt tells us her nephews had special needs, and struggled with every day routines like tying their shoes.

"They would cry and just get so frustrated with it and I would just tell them don't give up, don't give up I promise I'll help you," she said. "They finally learned how to tie their shoes."

But in the days to come, three young lives would be taken in a house fire, and no adults were present at the time of their death.

"I just wanted to think it was a bad dream and I would wake up," said Blight.

Their mother Angelica Belen is in police custody but has not been charged. In recent months, she was arrested and charged with six counts of child neglect.

"She's our sister we love her," said Blight, as she told us the family is trying to stay together during this difficult time. While they're waiting for all of the facts to come out, they're now trying to honor three lives taken too soon.

There is a memorial fund set up to help the family pay for the funeral costs of the three children. You can donate to the "Nayeli, Alex, and Adrian Memorial Fund" at your nearest North Shore Bank starting Monday.