Aaron Rodgers' doppelgänger speaks, talks about newfound popularity

A man who lives in Munich, Germany has been overwhelmed by media interview requests – all because of a few fleeting moments that unfolded during the Green Bay Packers game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Dec. 12.

The man in question is named Frank. During the NBC broadcast of the Packers game, a camera spotted him among the thousands of fans of the green and gold – and commentators noted how much he looked like Aaron Rodgers. The rest has taken Frank on a wild ride.

Frank told FOX6's Carl Deffenbaugh during an interview that he is originally from Montreal, Canada – and was in Green Bay with his sister and father. His dad has always been a fan of the Packers but he had never been to Lambeau Field. 

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While walking about the fabled stadium, Frank said he only had the knit cap on – and people were commenting on how much he looked like #12.

"Are you not supposed to be on the field, man?" Frank said they asked him.

Frank's sister said he then had to go buy a #12 jersey – and so he did. 

After that, Frank said people were asking to have pictures with him, he was invited to have a few beers, and everyone was just being very friendly. Somewhere along the way, people started pointing out to Frank that he was trending on Twitter.

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"After the game, like I tried to gather a bit of attention, to see if Aaron Rodgers would come and maybe sign my shirt, my jersey. Then nothing happened," Frank said.

But ever since Frank made it home to Germany, he said he has been inundated with requests to speak online, on-camera, etc. He said he's relishing this moment. 

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