A Wisconsin company is helping stop the spread of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for many cleaning and sanitizing products. But did you know some items are made right in our backyard? Christina Van Zelst joins FOX6 WakeUp from Guy & O'Neill with the details. 

About Guy & O'Neill (website)

A lot has changed since Guy & O’Neill opened its doors in 1975. What started as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company has since expanded its focus to meet more consumer needs.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to innovation — improvements that impact the lives of our families, our customers and consumers worldwide. G&O holds the original patent for bathing wipes, a growing product offering found in many households, hospitals and caring facilities. We also pursue additional patents and technologies that will benefit our customers and consumers.

Working hand in hand with Fortune 500 consumer product companies, G&O has become the premier choice for private label and contract manufacturing. We also have a suite of our own brands that provide value-minded customers with leading-brand quality at a lower price point. Our staff brings an impressive amount of experience and expertise to the operation, and they are all investors in the company.

By understanding the consumer and always putting their needs first, G&O’s Customer Innovation Group continues to grow the company in terms of technology and product offerings. And our manufacturing team can efficiently turn these product offerings into finished goods.