Voter turnout 83% for Milwaukee County, 460,300 ballots cast

Eyes are on Wisconsin right now and Milwaukee County has just completed counting. Right now, 100% of the results from Milwaukee County are in but the results still have to be verified. 

The unofficial numbers from the county shows, with 478 of the 478 precincts counted, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 69.13% of the vote and Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 29.28%. 

Voter turnout in Milwaukee County for the General Election is 83.67%. In 2016, 444K total ballots were cast compared to 460,300 in 2020. The City of Milwaukee is seeing 78,160 in-person votes cast, 169,519 absentee ballots cast, totaling 247,679 votes cast. 

"We always expected this to take until 5 o'clock. This process is very important. We wanted to make sure that every ballot was counted, every absentee elector had the right because of COVID-19 that were not able to go to the polls, but we wanted to make sure every single person who voted in this election their ballot was counted and it takes time to process them, and we are pleased to say we are at 100 percent," said Juliette Henry, Milwaukee County Elections Director. 

For the next few days, municipal clerks will verify those numbers. The director of elections says they will begin canvassing the next few days.

They have 12 flash drives that they need to match with the sheet the city has and verify those numbers and totals. The election chief has not said how many ballots have been rejected thus far. Those numbers won't be avaiable for a few days. 

The final numbers for the canvass need to be returned to the state by Nov. 17. 

Information about Wisconsin’s election certification process is available here.


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