552 vaccinated at Concordia University 'won't worry as much'

Concordia University hosted a one-day COVID-19 vaccination clinic Thursday, March 18, where more than 550 got their shot. Among those vaccinated were teachers and grocery store workers.

The university partnered with the Washington Ozaukee Health Dept for the five-hour event, making it easy for those eligible to be vaccinated.

Vaccinating hundreds in a matter of hours is no easy task, but Concordia University volunteers were up for the challenge. Pharmacy faculty and students prepped the Pfizer vaccines upstairs.

Concordia vaccine clinic

"We take it out of the fridge," said Michael Brown, Concordia University. "At that point, we have six hours to pull up the doses and get them administered."

Downstairs, hundreds of people checked in and got their shots. Sarah Adashek was among the first.

"We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to have a vaccine clinic, so I had kind of been searching and searching," said Adashek.

Concordia vaccine clinic

The Mequon second-grade teacher said it was the first step to a more normal classroom.

"It’s been an incredibly difficult year," said Adashek. "A lot has changed, and so I’m looking forward to going back to something like a couple of years ago."

Others, like Phillip Clementi, jumped at the opportunity. The Piggly Wiggly employee has COPD and wants to stay safe at the grocery store.

Concordia vaccine clinic

"Between working with the public every day, and then I have my own respiratory issues, I’m really feeling better to get the shot," said Clementi.

They were among the 552 people getting their first dose and finding some relief and hope for the future.

"I'm still going to wear my mask and be careful, but I won’t worry as much," said Clementi.  

Everyone vaccinated at this clinic is scheduled to return in a few weeks for their second doses. The organizer said this is something they would like to do again in the future.

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